about us

Born in Montevideo Uruguay on the 8th of December, 1967 Dani is the daughter of a Chiropractor and Master Herbalist. At the age of 3, her family immigrated to Canada where she received most of her schooling. In spite of her wayward attempts at other careers, she quickly realized her destiny was to go back to her roots…plants, bark, flowers, leaves and stems.

Dani Sweet C.C.H.P., C.H., D.N.M. is the Founder of Good 4 You..., a natural health care clinic located in London, ON.

Dani is an honors graduate of the School of Complementary Health Care where she received her certification in both Herbology and Homeopathy. Her studies there included anatomy, physiology, herbology, homeopathy, iridology, nutrition, vitamins, minerals and applied kinesiology. She also had clinical training with a local M.D., a Chiropractor and a well established holistic practitioner from Indiana.

Upon graduating in 1998, Dani opened her first clinic in London Ontario. While her practice was steadily growing, she returned to her graduating college, only this time as a teacher. She spent the next 2 years teaching some of the courses she had previously taken and in her spare time she had written some articles for a local newspaper.

Originally Dani used Iridology and Applied Kinesiology as the modalities used to gain insight into the general health and well being of her clients. Even though these modalities are helpful tools in practice, she had always felt that she needed a better way to show people their health successes. She surmised that if there was a tangible way of showing people the changes they were making in their own bodies, they would be more inclined to continue on their journey to healthier living. It was then Dani was introduced to Electro Acupuncture according to Voll.

By 2003, Dani had completely integrated her practice. Today her clinic offers a unique service of Health Evaluations testing and Custom Herbal Remedies.

Since her graduation Dani received a Certificate in Homeopathic Studies and Nutrition from Dr. Asa Herschof D.C., ND for the completion of an intensive study provided by Actiform. In 2006 she received an Award Accolade “Order of Excellence” from the World Organization of Natural Medicine for her studies and more recently her “Doctor of Natural Medicine” (D.N.M.).

As a professional business woman, Dani is a proud member of the London Business Chamber of Commerce,The Better Business Bureauand a member in good standing of the Global Health Organization.

It is an ongoing goal to continually update her qualifications and maintain educational status as required, to benefit her clients and herself.